The Ljus Chair

In April of this year an e-mail correspondence introduced me to a designer, (in this instance, furniture designer) Zackery Belanger. The project he wanted to use me for was one that he described as “advanced,” and added “we think you’re the right fit.” The understated description of this assignment, they wanted to use my body’s form to help design a chair, prompted a lot of  ”Will I be able to sit on your face?” remarks from friends. Alas, no such luck. The AMAZING photos of this journey, which included a magical trip to Chicago, are after the description of the Ljus project, which of itself is fascinating.
The initial photoshoot included suiting me up into a white outfit and scanning me with a piece of equipment so rare and expensive that it was delivered with a bodyguard (first photo). Belanger explains on his website that “by applying swarm intelligence to a three-dimensional point cloud of Leah Jung,” the idea became a visual concept. Capturing the negative space of my curvature became progress.
“The straight line is a beautiful curve, the sharp edge is rounded when considered from the right scale, and ornament is a continuous part of the surface upon which it is applied. If we embrace mathematics and choose processes and materials to suit the challenges we face, then great designs will emerge from the infinite.” ~Zackery Belanger

To say the least, I WAS the right fit. This was an unforgettable adventure, and this team of intelligent, adventurous professionals is to thank. Check out all the gritty details about Ljus here:  Photo credits:  Michael Hahn [photographer] Dominic Albanese [scanner] Loni Hale [hair/makeup]

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    hey its your cousin!! how are you girl? your aunt is trying to get ahold of you guys so hit me up on facebook!

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